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IoT System

Connect your objects
to the internet

Specialized in IoT project management, we design and develop systems allowing your machines and objects to communicate with your information system.

At WPAsia, we have chosen to bet on the Internet of Things (IoT), one of the most important technologies of our time. Indeed, being able to connect everyday objects to the Internet via integrated terminals makes it possible to streamline communications between people, processes and objects.

We have therefore become an expert in IoT creation to be able to support you in your IoT project, from design to development, including the industrialization and operation of your connected solution, whatever your sector of activity (automotive , retail, construction, health, …).

Smart objects

We create systems for connected objects also called “smart objects” capable of communicating various information to another object or to the internet to simplify the lives of users.


We believe in the potential of IoT technology to create a truly green and sustainable connected planet by providing businesses and government organizations with the ability to develop smarter and more environmentally friendly solutions.

IoT platforms

We work with the main IoT platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Watson IoT or OVH.


We manage your IoT project from A to Z, from the design and the prototype of the interface to the development of your platform, respecting your problems and your technical constraints to allow your machines and objects to communicate with your information system.

WPASIA CO. LTD. IoT System Service

why bet on iot?

Today, the potential of connected objects to transform the business of companies and create new value-added services is growing more and more.

Specialized IoT platforms to facilitate access to connected solutions represent real challenges in terms of performance, competitiveness and cost optimization.

The IoT becomes an essential component of the development of a company in order to modernize and improve its operation, to optimize the marketing sector and the commercial performance and by centralizing and securing the various data collected.

The rise of mobile technologies and the Internet of Things will profoundly change the different types of devices capable of connecting to corporate networks, regardless of their fields of activity. So, are you ready to dive into the IoT revolution?

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