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Branding & Logo

Stand out and make
your brand memorable

We tailor-make your brand identity including your branding and logo that perfectly matches your company’s services, philosophy and values.

Our team of graphic designers helps you design your brand image by creating your visual identity (logo, graphic charter …) and your web support (website, newsletters, social networks …).

Your branding must be planned, well-designed, consistent, and must make it easy for the target audience to identify with your business.

Logo & Graphic charter

We create an original, simple, effective and readable logo and associated graphic charter.

Graphic design

We design the visual identity of your company declined on digital communication media (website, social networks …) and print (brochure, packaging, posters …)


We can help you find a unique, evocative and adequate name for your business.

Brand storytelling

We connect your business with your customers and grab their attention by telling them the story between you and them.

WPASIA CO. LTD. Branding & Logo Service

what is branding for?

Your brand image is important: it leaves a memorable impression on your customers and lets you know what to expect from your business. Your branding should set you apart from your competitors and make it clear that what you are offering is the best choice.

Your brand is designed to be a true representation of who you are as a business and how you want to be perceived.

Your name, designs, logo, and any other characteristic of your company’s personality are all part of your brand. They will appear on and around your product, setting it apart from other similar products on the market.

Branding is the key to a successful product and makes your brand unique.

WPASIA CO. LTD. Related Expertises

Our related expertises

Web Design

Design and create a website that will make your brand even more amazing.

UI/UX Design

Give your users the best user experience to increase your brand awareness.


Boost your brand awareness and target the right audience with quality content through SEO.

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